Propagate Venture Communism

Bold projects that yield high returns of true profit. Zero percent financial return guaranteed.

After successfully marketing the Monkey vs Robot venture in 2003 and 2004, False Profit took to the playa with our own brand in 2005, 2006, and 2007. We see the aggressively anti-consumerist BRC as a critical market in the future of fun.

The False Profit tribe realizes the vast but latent power of the social network that pervades our corporate realities.

Our two newest ventures are False Profit Labs, our fire-focused division dedicated to bringing you better art through science; and False Profit Records, wielding our mighty corporate fist to empower our community’s independent musicians. Guaranteed to be a sound investment.

The Company has individual members involved in creating new ventures intended to accomplish important social goals. See the Goma Student Fund and Law Students for Choice for some examples.

Through ExploreSpirit, The Company aims directly at raising consciousness and providing educational opportunites, the highest life-quality enhancements of all.

We use the Norfolk Household Financial Manager to keep track of the Corporate Headquarter’s financials, and offer the source code freely to the world.

Indoctrinate the World

Corporate America is sick. False Profit wants to play doctor.

Our unique business model is the single biggest factor in False Profit’s unrivaled return on investment (ROI).

The Corporation infects the Internet with its brand identity, spread freely and widely under a Creative Commons license. (The Company learned in corporate kindergarten to play nice with everyone else who plays nice.)

A history of the world, showing FP’s marked impact

Read The False Profit Manifesto to find out how it all started.


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