Burning Man

Everytown, Everywhere – Main Street is bustling as rumors spread that False Profit, LLC’s Center for Applied Planning is in the midst of a study suggesting that unpredictable communities – when in close proximity to one another – will often generate unpredictable dividends for all involved.

As the theory goes, adjacent communities begin to function as an organic whole, pooling community resources and knowledge, creating long-term cultural by-products – or ‘institutions’ – that transcend any individual community.

Dr. Kelly Burns, False Profit’s Distinguished Professor of Industrial Psychology explains, “These ‘institutions’ help form the backbone of what we in the industry like to call, ‘cities’.”

The Theory of General Institutionalization is already being used to support the resurgence of cosmopolitanism. If mixing communities is not a zero-sum game, then everyone can get their dividends.

Institute Specialists at False Profit plan to demonstrate this theory during an institution of their own – the Tuesday Night party from the Space Cowboy’s Unimog – in the downtown center of Black Rock Metropolis at Esplanade & 3:30, the headquarters of The Institute – an unpredictable village of The Phage, Relaxomatic Plushatorium, and False Profit, LLC.

Professor of Hyphynated Social Structuring at False Profit’s Lab for Applied Chaos, Brendan Colloran said in a rare off the cuff remark, “With so many communities involved, it may sound crazy. One may even be tempted to drop a freeway over that mess. That temptation, however, would be a mistake. While the party will likely get crazy, there’s an even higher probability that shit will get institutional.”

False Profit Camp Locations

As False Profit, LLC
2011: Esplanade and 3:30 (within The Institute of Higher Yearning)
2010: The Institute of Higher Yearning – 4:30 and Esplanade ( Photos )
2009: 4:00 and Esplanade ( Photos )
2008: 4:20 and Esplanade ( Photos )
2007: 4:30 and Esplanade ( Photos )
2006: 4:30 and Esplanade ( Photos )
2005: 4:30 and Amnesia

As Monkey vs. Robot
2004: The Brane Village (7:00 and Earth)
2003: 10:00 and Authority