The Brand

Our most valuable assets, distributed freely

False Profit believes that every company should contribute back to the world that makes it possible. False Profit believes that everyone benefits from remix culture and the creative commons. Therefore, all trademarks, written work, and images on this site are protected by a Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike License, which allows for free use and incorporation of this content into derivative works as long as all copies and derivations are also released under this same license.

So, download our logos, print them out, put them in your artwork, cut them up and make a mosaic, start your own False Profit, LLC, whatever. Put them wherever people will see them, scratch their heads, and wonder how the lives they enjoy could be their own.

Full Logo

False Profit Logo
Available as PDF.

Logo (No Text)

False Profit Logo, no text
Available as PDF and PNG.

Also available as a one-piece stencil for painting (PDF) and as a white-on-black reverse image for screenprinting (PDF).

It’s For Your Own Good

This t-shirt design was only printed once and all were given as gifts. Available as PDF.


False Profit Stickers
Ready to print on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper. Available as PDF.

iPhone Wallpaper

These corporate images are sized to 320×480 and will work with your iPhone, Android phone, or Palm Pre.

You might also want to make your own images using this iPhone Photoshop template that comes preloaded with our assets.

iPhone Skin

Upload one of these images (linked to the left) to to get your branded fpPhone. Comes in White and Black.


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