To The Docks!

Schedule of Events
8:30 pm – Readings of tall tales and epic sea poems
9:30 pm – Esteemed sea monster researcher Dr. Glasser presents his life work
9:45 pm – Sea monster hunting expedition overview with Mary Franck, expert sea monster wrangler
10:00pm – Music for dancing on the docks

Seafarers and fair folk of the sea: We find our fine Bay menaced once again by a vile threat from the depths, an abomination of biorobotics with its giant steel tentacles and insatiable hunger for boats — not to mention the other creatures of the Pacific it takes pleasure in crushing. As the days have passed, it has grown more and more bold. We must all join together and outfit another hunting party to meet this monster!

If you or anyone you love has ever been attacked by a sea monster, had any boat or vessel capsized or sunken by a sea monster, or been drowned or even nearly drowned by a sea monster, bring your tall tale, epic poem, or dirty limericks to share with the assembled citizenry. We must not let the sea monster continue to terrorize rap videos. My blood runs cold at the thought.


Dress for the high seas, sailors and fine sea creatures! Before the night is out, surely a shanty or two shall be sung. To the docks!

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