In a recent Brand Depth meeting, False Profit execs approved a new initiative to re-focus on the power of creativity. Over the past year, the company has seen significant growth in its ranks, and is poised to utilize these additional human resources to broaden its range of products. The first of these new offerings will be an art-focused event called “Alchemy.” Sources indicate that there will in fact be music (provided by Fake Science), however it will not be the star of this event. Instead, the art and the artists involved will generate the massive shareholder value for which False Profit has become known.

Chief Creative Officer Marc Scheff stated, “Creativity has always been a core value for False Profit, and this is the first event that focuses exclusively on that element.” “Word,” added Resident Visual Designer Eric Nguyen.

When asked what to expect, Becky Hurwitz had this to say:

“Alchemy is a place where you can go to observe, participate, dream, create, and interact however you choose. There will be resident Alchemists on hand turning common materials into those worth their weight in gold. Come and play, or just watch as the magic unfolds.”

Alchemy is also the first in a series of False Profit offerings that leverage new deep partner relations. In addition to Fake Science, Alchemy will benefit from the creative resources of Missing Piece, an artist representative agency, as well as designers and artists including Miranda Caroligne, Domini, and Manuel Peinado.