Berlin Wasted Remix

The latest research from False Profit, LLC indicates that letters, and words made from them, continue to compete strongly in the conscious mental activity market segment. Despite recent challenges from YouTube and other blinky things you click, the 26 traditional Latin characters and their associated punctuation and numerals are still providing solid returns.

For example: The October XLR8R cover proclaimed “BERLIN WASTED YOUTH” to announce their special issue devoted to the city. After cutting out each letter of this headline, our senior staff of financial linguists put together a number of attractive anagram investment packages. With a small up-front mental payment, you too can leverage the latent power of deep structure for maximum entertainment. (Particularly if you turn the “W” upside down to get “M”. But you do have to use all the letters. Scrabble rules apply for deciding if a word is a word — unless it’s really, really good.)

Post your XLR8R cover anagram remix photos on flickr in the False Profit group pool with the tag “berlinwastedremix” and they will show up over in the left column. Bonus points, of course, if your anagram is vaguely poetic, actually makes sense, or references the content of XLR8R. We’re pretty sure you can spell “Tiesto” with those letters.

Trackback from XLR8R, November 14, 2006: […] While surfing the web we ran across the October issue of XLR8R, only to find that particular cover had sparked an anagram face-off among users of False Profit’s website. All of the “attractive anagram packages” were put together using the letters of XLR8R’s annual city issue, which focused on Berlin this year. […]

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